Mediation Quality

Mediation Quality is a Mediators Association. One of their objectives is to accompany and help the parties involved in a dispute, to solve it through an alternative process of conflict resolution, in a agile and efficient way

The professionals of Mediation Quality are from different academic disciplines like law, psichology, social work, economics; in order to face the conflict resolution from a multidisciplinary perspective; and so manage them and give them the right approach

Mediation encourages commitment, covenant and coexistence, and facilitates a space for dialogue in order to find solutions

The parties, by mutual agreement, could choose mediator as long as it accomplish mediation principles and current regulations. Some principles rule mediation such as voluntariness, fairness, neutrality and confidentiality

Mediation Quality is based in quality, transparency, high level of qualification of their mediators, agility and promotes mediation. Is a discussion forum about mediation and recurrent use of technology for their own purposes

Mediators of Mediation Quality act with values like commitment, bona fide, transparency, trust and quality



  • President: José Martos Vallecillos
  • First Vice president: Angel Miró Martí
  • Second Vice president: Eduard Mila Visaconill
  • Third Vice president : Meritxell Vidal i Pericas
  • Treasurer: Rafael Ezquerro Guinovart
  • Assistant: Ana Just Zuazu
  • Member: Montserrat Rimbau Prat
  • Member: Noemí Medina Robles


  • Honorary President: Màrius Miró Gili